Nadex Binary Options Broker Review

Thank you for watching my Nadex platform review! U.S. Traders 0min min Anyoption trading platform 0min …
Video Rating: 4/5 *** This is a great binary trading review by one of our customers. Thanks Robert ***! Robert explains how he doubled his investment by …
Video Rating: 4/5

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  5. Michael Freeman

    Thanks for the comment, I agree that Banc De Binary is not a good company, and I reviewed the latest lawsuit in a video which you can find on my channel..either way there are plenty of brokers who don’t charge any commissions and report accurate expiry prices from Reuters. On my site BinaryoptionsChannel DotCom you can find a black-list of brokers I recommend avoiding and one of them is BDB. Mike

  6. Nadex charges a commission on trades because that’s how they make money. Yes, they charge a SMALL commission, but other brokers either change expiry rates or asset prices whenever they feel like making you lose. Banc de Binary does this I know of, I can watch in my MT4 platform and the asset is going crazy (and in my favor) and on the site itself, the price stays the same. Other brokers will have signal services that if you sign up with them, you get access to “free signals”, then you get in th

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  8. Michael Freeman

    Hi Alvin, if you are trading from the US I recommend checking out my GOptions Review, they have $100 minimum, same day withdrawals and over 200 assets you can trade! It’s a great brand, especially for US Traders…. Mike

  9. Alvin Strachan

    hey micheal so whats the best binary option company to join?

  10. I am using the same strategy and thanks for clarifying it with the new guide Mike! I really understand it now! I remember watching the first video you made a few months ago and I didn’t understand how to go about it and now it’s really simple to understand with the new guide on your site. Good job and thanks for all the time you put into these videos, really it’s impression I have to say.

  11. Michael Freeman

    Hey Andrew! I am really really glad to hear! Good news man! Keep it up it’s a great strategy.. It works if done right. On my new site I made a complete guide for it, I am sure you probably went over it. Keep it up and next week I want to hear some more good news!!! Cheers! Mike

  12. Andrew Langford

    Thank you for all the advise. i signed up with goption and was profitable on my first day. $241.00 thanks to your advise. i used the double profit strategy. you da man!!!!

  13. Michael Freeman

    Hi Kath, thank you for the comment! Check out my GOptions & XPMarkets review, both offer full access for US Residents. GOptions has a lower minimum and a same-day withdrawal. Check it out and email me if you have any questions. Mike

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